Nikola Kitanovic: New expressionism and new visual poetics of Vasja Grabner

Nikola Kitanovic: Short Essay About Visual Arts of Vasja Grabner us New Expressionism

The visual works of Vasja Grabner display an incredible power of communication using different styles from the recent and more distant past. And so it is that some of his works are simultaneously communicating classicism, actually, post-modern classicism, but in a completely personal manner, and, at the same time, neo-expressionism (or as some theoreticians call it, post-modern European expressionism). When we say that this communication is achieved in a particular way, one should have in mind that Grabner puts only some portions of his works in relation to classicism, and hyperrealism within. The remaining portions of his works are characterized by a poetry that is unique to him. Grabner is very sensitive to social injustices in the contemporary world, particularly the troubles of "ordinary" people, and those of minorities whose rights are endangered. His revolt against injustice is seen through the hyperrealistic and classical elements in his works, which is certainly a unique example of these styles in post-modern arts. Hence, the neoclassicism and hyperrealism in his work strongly portray his own painting virtuosity, and his very engaged relationship with the world around him. A latent element in his visual works is the human's need to return to one's own internal spirituality and one's own internal light (representing God, Light, Buddha, or however this is expressed in an individual). This element is well-hidden in his work by subtle symbols, the composition and form, and finally, the choice of colors that appear in his works. Ultimately, we are faced with the authentic, unique works of a strong and fully developed artist, who enchants with the breadth of his talent and the amazing depth of power that his work inspires.

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic