Nikola Kitanovic - photo works page and galleries. Nikola is involved in creative photography works and he love to photographs people, landscapes and nice places

I have been cooperating with photographers since my youth. With the development of new technologies, I indulged in it myself. I's really a lovely circumstance that a camera could be plugged into a computer, so that you can see a photo in a different way than you see it through an object glass, and then, when you consider that something that's before you is worth it, you film it.

I remember many truly happy moments from different photo sessions, and of some of my photos I am really proud. It is most certain that I will, should there be time and health, continue doing that too.

It is nice to photograph landscapes, nature's beauty and such. I like photographing people, maybe that's because I think people are the most beautiful thing the nature has created, or because I think the photography can depict the soul and the personality of a man, or because of both…Who knows.

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic