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Whose site is this?

This site is owned by Nikola Kitanovic, address: No 89, Kotorska Street, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia, e-mail: All the inquiries connected to this site can be posted or sent by e-mail.

Guide for visitors

Surfing this site is free and safe for the whole family. It doesn't leave any cookies in your computer. This site respects your privacy and that is why our server easily recognizes you local server (IP), but doesn't recognize your e-mail. Take care that any site-violation is punishable by law. Each time you record, copy or publish any part of this site without Nicola's consent, you are committing an offence.

Content and design

All the content of the site, as well as graphics, art-work and design was made by Nikola, except:

banners of other sites legally present here

as well as of those material legally used here and is a work of other people (e.g. Photo Pit etc) where the copyright is clearly marked

Award graphics and awards the site received from other sites, as well as the text written by critics deciding upon the awards (those graphics and texts are protected by the copyright of those sites and they are legally present on this site, every their record, copying and publishing, without the knowledge of the owner of the Award program is punishable by law)

Some sites which presented awards no longer exist or have changed their mission so much that it is now against the Privacy and Code of Ethics of this site. In such cases, the following was done: a) with the sites no longer existing, the link was taken off, to avoid dead links on our site b) with the sites acting against Privacy and Code of Ethics of this site, both the award graphics and the link to that site were taken off. No matter that certain sites which gave awards no longer exist, their award graphics are protected by the appropriate copyright and any violation is punishable by law

Texts received from the site visitors as comments on the site are also protected by the copyright.

Instructions for beginners

Many beginners surfing Internet very often don't understand that the site they are surfing on is legally owned by somebody. It actually means that your recording, copying or publishing of any part of the site, without the previous consent from the site-owner is punishable by law because it represents an offence or violation of the site. Try to compare that with the following circumstances: You invite your guests to come and visit freely and with that, you are a good host, looking forward to their visit and do your best to make them feel at home. However, when they leave, you find that many of your valuables have been taken, without your consent. They didn't even ask anything. How would you call that?

Copyright note

All the parts of this site are protected with the Serbian Authors Agency, a member of World Association of author's rights. That all means that all the parts of your site are protected in all the countries of the world and any violation of the site is punishable by Law. Site is additionally protected in WA-ICS! As a poet, writer and artisr, whose work was published, I emphasize that the site-graphics and site- texts are also protected by the appropriate associations (publishers, galleries, writers' association, artists association, Web Master association).

How is that possible

If you want to have some of my graphics, poems, texts or designs on your site (except those I don't own, but just legally use on my site; XEO, voting pool etc), ask Nikola for that because it is only with his consent that you can use that. You can get a permission to use some of the texts, poems, graphics and similar, only if you site is accordant with the Privacy of this site. Nikola reserves the right to deny you the right to use some parts of the site. If after the denial, you continue to use the content and the design of this site, it is against the law and you will be sued. The person who gets the permission to use parts of the site and post them to his own site is obliged to mark on every page where the parts of this site appear that the owner of this site is Nikola and link that note with:

Additional note

Nikola reserves all the rights to change the content and the design of this site any time he wishes so (of course, in accordance with the Privacy of the site).


Having in mind that the author and the owner of this site neither does any illegal things nor distributes viruses, sells your e-mail addresses to third parties or organizations, he does not accept the responsibility for the possible consequences of your surfing through this site. Also, the author does not accept the responsibility for any damage of your browsers, software's, computers and personal impressions about the site. In the section "Art" there is a sub section "Artists" in which there are galleries of some of the leading world artists. I respected the liberty in artistic creation without any limitations in this part of the site. Some people would feel comfortable with this amount of artistic freedom, but some might not approve it. Before visiting each gallery, we advise you to read short essays which I wrote about each artist. This way, you can know in advance what to expect in each gallery and you have a chance to decide whether you would like to visit some of the galleries.