Nikola Kitanovic - his poems page. Nikola is modern, postmodern and after-postmodern poet. He have ten published books of poems. His book The Chemistry of Verbs was published in English language in US

Poetry is my life. After all, that's what a renowned critic wrote. I wrote my first poem at the age of eight, in my first grade of elementary school. I showed the poem to my teacher. She sent it, without me knowing, to a poetry competition for young people and children, announced by radio Belgrade. I was rewarded. My school, my friends and I were very happy about it. Since then, (and this was sometime in 1963) I've been writing poetry continuously.

I cannot say that I chose the poetry, to write and be a writer, because an eight-year-old cannot consciously make that kind of decision. Poetry chose me. That makes me proud sometimes, but more often I feel sad – I don't like to be chosen, I like to choose my life paths alone. Anyway, that's my destiny now, good or bad, doesn't matter. Later on, in sixth grade of elementary, I started writing prose as well. But I am, primarily, a poet and my being – is the being of a poet.

Postmodern and modern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic