Nikola Kitanovic - mysticism page. Nikola was stady West mysticism and wrote many books about it

Since my early youth I started studying graphology and I would always come to a conclusion that whatever was written in those books about graphology (the books I read) has no confirmation in reality. That was the reason I started doing research, and already in high school I had a completely built up graphology system I was able to apply.

Thanks to that, I began reading both books about mythology and mysticism (western mysticism). I was dedicated to it, systematically and with discipline. That helped me later on, because I was invited to many countries to lecture about the western mysticism. I wrote a great number of books about it, (many of which I don't have in my possession) and some of them are translated first into Swedish, then English, Czech and many other languages.

I've specialized in spiritual defense and self-defense. Thanks to that, many of the foreign agencies have called me to carry my knowledge onto them, and I've done so with great effort. However, when I realized that some of those agencies were engaged in 'dark things', I resigned. I continued writing books, and a couple of years ago I wrote another book in that field ('Reka sa vise pritoka'- 'River with many tributaries').

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic