Nikola Kitanovic - page of his short stories. Nikola wrote short stories since he was very young and he writing it as well today. Modern stories, short stories, postmodern stories, after-postmodern stories

I started writing short prose very early and it was published in many magazines. Maybe today short prose isn't as popular as it was in the past century. All the same, I am exceptionally proud of some of my stories and I like writing them to this day. Moreover, today I like writing short stories that remind of fairytales for adults. But, I also like to write a story of 'rough prose' here and there, that has no lyrical elements…Maybe the most interesting thing is that sometimes I write such literary works that diffract poetry and 'rough prose'. A short story is short, but is also an extremely difficult form in which I like to accomplish myself creatively.

At first, it is almost certain that Hemingway influenced my short prose, but later I developed my own approach to the form – how good or bad, time will show.

Postmodern and modern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic