Nikola Kitanovic, page of his novels. Nikola Kitanovic have published five novels. his novel The Danube Werewolf are translated and published in English language

A certain amount of time I was mesmerized by writing novels. I don't even know the number of novels I wrote, and many of those manuscripts I lost. I see that some of my earlier novels which I haven't published, but saved, need further work, and that they deserve work and attention. But over the last years, I prefer writing something new and I go back to what I wrote earlier less. If I should have time and good health, maybe I'll work those novels further. Nevertheless, I wrote dramas too, and with great passion. However, when my first drama was performed, I was extremely disappointed – I was utterly dissatisfied with the way the lines were changed, the meaning, the performance… That's when I burned all my dramas and stopped going to the theatre.

The most trouble I've had is with my novel 'NN lice' ('NN person') because I started writing it when I was very young. When it came to that novel, I had always been dissatisfied with whatever I write. I've destroyed a great number of its versions. The last version of it has completely depleted me. I told myself I would put it in a drawer and let it stay out a couple of years, for I had no strength to write it further. After two years, I found it in the drawer by accident, read it, and realized I had actually finished it – written it, and that it's done. That was a big relief for me, because I had already thought earlier that I will never finish it.

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic