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Nikola Kitanovic, page about fashion activity of Nikola Kitanovic. He started as fashion journalist and after as fashion designer

An amount of time I was a fashion journalist, because I spent more time in Italy than in Serbia. I've met some truly exquisite fashion designers, which have passed onto me a part of their knowledge. I had accepted it with enthusiasm.

Over the early war years in Ex Yugoslavia, I had, along with my computer expert, designed new collections and had represented them online. We would be invited to represent those collections at the most prestigious fashion manifestations, but it was a period of war and poverty, and we didn't have sufficient money to carry that through.

All the same, fashion attracts me to this day (not in the meaning of wearing some new creations, but to create something new, because I feel it in me). Should there be health and possibilities, I'll probably continue doing it.

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic