Nikola Kitanovic - page about critique work of Nikola Kitanovic. His critique of books of poetry prose, visual art, society and more

Since my early youth, I've been a critic also. At first I was an excessively harsh critic, and now I'm very sorry about that. I used to think that a criticism in creating a cultural life should, above all, be very harsh as oppose to kitsch and trash.

Today, however, I believe criticism should encourage a man to dedicate more attention to the works of art. In this era of high technology and internet, we have more and more internet surfers, and fewer readers. A surfer is looking for short texts with direct information without many explanations…A reader, however, puts his patience and his being into an insight to the text he's reading. A surfer and a reader are truly two very different categories.

Nevertheless, we are all made of opposites, and I think that one man can be both a surfer and a reader at the same time. In order to come to that, we need a reasonable and an incentive criticism.

Postmodern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic