LITERATURE INTRODUCTION  

Nikola Kitanovic - literature page. Nikola Kitanovic is recognized author in his country, his works are translated and published on many languages, specially poetry, novels and works about West mysticism

Art, for me, is not a matter of choice, but of biological existence. As I have to breathe, drink water, take food, I have to create, first of all - poetry. Of course, besides poetry I write novels, dramas, essays, studies, critics. But, poetry comes before all that. Until fifteen years ago, I was active in painting.

My paintings were very well accepted and praised by critics. However, for me, painting was just a game. It was a game that took up too much of my time and took me away from poetry. I tried to compress it within myself, but without any success. The world of computers, once again, arouse my passion for a visual game. How successful I am, I couldn't say, but you can.

Postmodern and modern artwork by artist Nikola Kitanovic