Poet, Novelist, Artist, Journalist, Nikola Kitanovic, present his postmodern poems, novels, short stories, artworks and more

Welcome to my site and thank you for your visit. I wish you to feel good and comfortable as if you were at home. This web site was designed in January 2001 and has been redesigned several times since. Of course, knowing my research nature, you can expect some more changes in content and design of this site in near future. Why? A good web site is never completed and one keeps improving it as long as one lives, wishing to approach to an inner idol, some new energies which are within him, new emotions, new quests. After the redesign and redefinition, the mission of this site is significantly corrected, uniformed and it got its basic function. The mission of this site is to present the spheres of my creative interests and artistic creation; poetry, prose, essay, the art of painting etc. Of course, this mission also carries my wish to present my own work as well as the artists whose work I respect. Actually, I wanted to create a concept for this site to enable it to constantly grow following its mission and I believe I have managed to do that.

     "Pray of Seraphim" most popular artwork of Nikola Kitanovic in the net