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Nikola Kitanovic, present part of his novel Narcissus in The Water - modern, postmodern after-postmodern novel, fiction, gods, vampires, warriors of the light, love novel, erotic novel, novel of new concept of bering


Sundays at the agency are usually boring, as it is rare that somebody would be called for on Sunday. People from the agency are usually booked for the entire weekend, and very successful ones will keep the relationship until Sunday evening. Thus, he would come home physically exhausted, but with pockets full of cash. On Sundays, the agency is usually contacted by extremely perverse or rich ladies. They can turn almost every day into pleasure, and those that accept an appointment on Sunday earn more than the others do for the entire weekend. The perverse clients are either completely broke or extremely rich. Anyway, there is always a chance that you will get rich in a single day, given that it is Sunday. Only the most experienced members of the agency know that and, of course, they keep it as a holy secret. Otherwise, they would have to report the higher income and the agency would ask for its share. An experienced master works little, well, and at the right time; thus, he earns a lot. There are rumors going on that the experienced masters earn much more than they report. However, the agency itself does not allow these rumors to spread among the employed men, as it could provoke envy of the less experienced colleagues. On the other hand, the good-looking experienced members still bring the biggest profit to the agency owners.

Mitch was a man skilled in escort services, amongst some other things. He knew what Sunday meant and he would always be among the first to come to the Agency, sometimes even be the only one. The members called the Agency "AGA" among themselves. Of course, Mitch was not his real name; he took it from a popular TV show that ladies used to watch at the time. He revealed his real name only to the owner of AGA, because that man registered him legally as an employee, but only under condition that his real name would not be disclosed to anyone else. Mitch was born some twenty-seven years ago, on the territory of former Yugoslavia, in Slovenia, to be specific. His father was an Army official, and according to some stories, he fathered three children with his mother in a short time before suddenly dying from cancer. His mother was a woman without education and had to work hard to bring up her children alone. It was especially hard for her in Serbia, as she was Slovenian.

As an adolescent, Mitch realized that he was much stronger and bigger compared to his peers and the girls were really fighting over him. Obviously, he already had an excessive amount of hormones. Thus, whenever he was surrounded by women, his face would become covered with a thin film of sweat full of pheromones, which made him even more exciting and appealing to female souls. Physically, he was the boy of women's dreams. He was working hard to help his mother, as he was exceptionally strong, as well as diligent. At the same time, he was studying in secret. When he had some spare time, he would go to the gym, which perfected his body. At that time, when he was training, there were very few people coming to the gym for training, but there were many homosexuals, who were the first to notice the 'golden potential'. He was not bothered by gay people; he even made friends with many of them. Still, he never had a sexual experience with a man, as he was not attracted by that idea. When he was offered money, he only accepted to make photos for some foreign magazine and that was all. That was his first profit from his body. It was interesting that gay men, but also women, secretly called him golden balls. Indeed, he had somewhat bigger penis, but his testicles were incredibly huge. Consequently, every time he would reach orgasm during a sexual intercourse, he would ejaculate extremely big amount of sperm, which he would massage into the woman's body, firmly yet gently. Nobody has counted how many female orgasms he brought about, but in any case, the number so big had earned him a title of a knight.

Mitch was never boastful; he did not speak much and he knew how to keep secrets. He was really a trustworthy man. At first sight, he was a hunk capable of sex and nothing more. However, his acquaintances did not know what else he was doing, and he would not talk about that. Moreover, his closest friends did not know that he graduated in computer science with honors. He was an IT expert, but he used them mostly to record his impressions. His computer was so well protected that nobody could get through to his notes. What he was writing about, what else he was doing apart from working as an escort, nobody knew. Now, as we are entering his secrets, we are taken over by the feeling of acting as intruders, people who peek through the keyholes perversely, the feeling of spying and committing a sin.

A novel writer is undoubtedly a voyeur who is closely watching each of his characters. But that is not all. A writer is entering the soul of a character and is spying on him as well. Since Mitch's experiences that follow are important for the writer of this novel, I have accepted this perverse role, hoping that one day I shall be forgiven. The key issue is that Mitch is not an invented character, but a real man who lives next to us, or to you, no matter. I know that he exists and he knows about me; moreover, he knows even you—the readers of this text. How is that possible? It only takes some patience to read the novel, and then to 'leaf' through yourself.

All that follows was recorded by me, using a video camera, but I have also taken photos and recorded it on tape recorder—just like and extremely diligent policeman would do. Besides that, as an eyewitness to all that has happened, I was taking note of all details and I could swear in front of any court in the world that all I have seen is true and I have not added anything, invented anything or forged anything. There is the truth in front of you; the truth is in front of me. However, my mind is still not ready to accept that, so I often catch myself thinking that I have seen all that in a movie.

Still, the recorded data does not lie. However unacceptable it may be to my or to your mind, we are faced with bare truth. Are we ready for the truth? I am not ready, but it is late for me now. Yet, it is not late for you. Therefore, the story you are about to read is not meant for everybody, it is only for the chosen ones, for those who can stand the truth. Since I am a poet and a writer, I prefer lies. And you? – Either stop reading, while you still can, or keep reading, until, in the end, you conclude that you have been deceived. In reality, there are no chosen ones. And if there are, they are not reading my novels. In a little while the phone will ring in the Agency, and after that, for you and me, nothing will be the same any more. Everything will change. This is the last moment to throw the book away and turn to something more entertaining.

At the desk, across from Mitch, sat the secretary Milica, whom they called Aginica out of endearment. She was slim, lovable, and completely uninterested in any contact with the members of AGA. She would occasionally encourage the younger members by telling them how to approach a woman, how to prolong sex and how to recognize when a woman is really satisfied. For this, many were mocking her, saying that she knew women better than men did. Yet, she never got angry and she did not care for their mockery. Anyway, either she was hiding her private life well, or she did not have it at all. Mitch respected her—something the others never understood. She also respected Mitch, so that their relationship resembled that of two good friends. The two of them could sit all day long at the table, one across the other, and stay silent, without any discomfort brought by that silence. They both liked that companionable silence. Eventually, the phone rang. Milica answered:

- Escort agency.

From the other side, a male voice spoke.

- Do you have anyone available?

- Sir, we provide escort only to ladies.

- Yes, I have noticed that. I have read your advertisement… Still, I need a man.

- Why don't you call a gay agency then?

- You have not understood me. I need a man, but not for sex.

- Well, then you should look for a bodyguard.

- Again, you have not understood me. I am quite safe. I do not need a bodyguard or sex for now. I am only looking for some male company; that is all.

- Then you should get a shrink! – Milica exclaimed a little nervously.

- Ha-ha. You have made me laugh. I am not crazy, or at least I don't think that I am. I will repeat—the only thing I am looking for is male company, and your agency is offering that. Have you understood?

- No, I haven't, but it doesn't matter… Anyway, it is Sunday today and the price is higher on Sunday.

- I already know that.

- You seem to know a lot about us.

- No. No.

- All right, give me the address to which our man should come and tell me the time when he should be there.

- I am in the hotel Vojvodina. That is not far from you and I need your man immediately.

- Room number?

- He should ask the receptionist, they will know where I am.

- All right, you will get him. How should I say…?

- Go ahead?

- The thing is that he is actually our best member.

- I know.

- You know? How do you know it?

- Let's say that his name is Mitch.

- Yes, that's his name, and he is really the best.

- Then I should expect Mitch to show up here in half an hour?

- Yes, Mr. know-it-all, he will be there in half an hour.

Milica hang up, visibly confused. She was looking at Mitch as if she had seen him for the first time. Many things suddenly became much less clear than before. She did not know that men were hiring him and that they knew his agency name. Different things were crossing her mind. Perhaps he had already been hired by other men through the Agency. No! She would have known that. She was the only person who knew all secrets in the Agency. Perhaps Mitch had given the number of the Agency to that guy.

- Tell me, please, how does this guy know about the Agency and about you?

- The Agency is well advertised, as you know. As for how he knows me—that I really don't know. Anyway, I am not going to men's calls.

- He knows that.

- He knows that, but he still asked for me?

- Yes, and he is not calling you for sex. Apparently, he needs some male company. And that fucking company is you! He wants you.

- He wants me?

- Yes, you, but not for sex.

- Except for sex, I am not really good company, am I?

- What do you mean by that?

- You know that I don't like chatting much.

- But I enjoy sharing the silence with you.

- OK, you are special.

- Apparently I am not the only one. That one out there who was calling must be really special....

Mitch got up and went to the door.

Mitch walked the short distance to the hotel. He knew that people were glancing at him and he was not bothered with that any more. He realized long ago that he lived from that the attention he received. He used to be upset with that, but now he was indifferent. Live and let others kill each other, was his motto that he often repeated to himself, but he never pronounced it in public. That was not irony, or cry of loneliness, but a mantra that sounded good to him, even though he never thought about its meaning. He finally reached the hotel and approached to the receptionist:

- Hello. I was told to come here.

- May I have your name, sir?

- Mitch.

- Yes. I was informed of your arrival. The gentleman is waiting for you in the room number 100.

- Hundred?

- Yes, sir. Please make your way to the elevators and go up to the first floor. The room 100 is down the corridor to the right of the elevator.

He had never been in room number 100 before. Perhaps 108, 110, 115, but just 100—never. He took the elevator to the first floor, as instructed and was about to knock at the door, when he noticed that the door was already opening…

- Come in, I was waiting long for you to come.

- What do you mean long, I have arrived in fifteen minutes, and you asked me to come in half an hour? I have arrived on time.

- There is no such thing as coming on time, a man is always late—smiled the young man who received him.

Indeed, he did not look like a man who would pay for somebody's company. He was young, handsome and almost insanely attractive. Mitch stretched out his hand in a greeting.

- I am Mitch.

- I know.

- And how should I call you?

- Let us get familiar first, and then you can decide for yourself how you will call me.

- It sounds like a quiz or candid camera.

- No, it is not that funny. What you choose to call me is very important to me.

- If that is the case, why don't you choose the name you like and let's finish with that.

- You don't seem to understand. It is important that you choose the name for me yourself, that you give me a name. It is not important at all what my real name is.

While he was saying that, the young man made a little nervous movement and his silk cloak fell off him. He was completely nude. Mitch looked at him, noticing that he his body was flawless—perfection he had never seen before. Besides, his penis was exceptionally big.

- I know. I will call you William.

- Why William?

- So that I can call you Willy in special moments.

- Every moment is special.

- Not really.

- I see. That is so for you.

Mitch did not respond to that statement. He was watching in a disinterested way, as Willy (as that's how we will refer to him from now on) was getting dressed. He was stretching the clothes over his body in such way that, with every move, he would drag attention to the part of his body that he was covering. Obviously, Willy was aware of his beauty and, in that moment, he was the only one who enjoyed that beauty. That was exactly how Mitch was thinking of his beauty.

- You really think that I am enjoying myself?

- It doesn't matter what I think—Mitch responded, looking Willy in the eyes, calmly, with no tension, no emotions. He sat on a free chair and looked at his host.

- You see, knowing what you think about it is very important to me.

- Among other things, you are paying me for that, too—Mitch noted, without even a trace of irony in his voice. In fact, this sentence was more of a conclusion he needed, as it clearly defined their relationship at that moment.

- You seem to be like a bird—only thinking of money.

- Why are birds only thinking of money?

- Well, you said that I was paying you for something.

Mitch decided to end this outwitting with silence. He was sitting calmly and watching William as he was moving around the room and measuring every movement he made—one would say he was enjoying himself again. Of course, those movements, although emphasized, were not effeminate; on the contrary, they were extremely masculine.

- So, am I enjoying myself?

- Yes, you are and there is no doubt about it.

Mitch responded completely frankly but somewhat sharply. It seemed that William did not expect this level of openness. Mitch took advantage of this moment of William's confusion and asked:

- Good, now tell me what you need me for. You do not want sex, perhaps you are an exhibitionist, but you do not look like that… You look good enough so that others could pay to be with you… What am I doing here then? Why do you need me?

- I need you like water.

- What do you mean by that?

- You need air in order to exist, don't you? … You see, as you need air, the same way I need you… How far you need me, that is your problem, and I do not interfere in that, at least as long as I am paying… As long as I am paying, only my needs matter.

- Now you are like that bird that you mentioned—the one I know nothing about. Anyway, now I know what the rules are.

- So what are the rules?

- In fact, there is only one rule, and it says—you are the rule. At least while you are paying…

There was silence. They were looking at each other, both waiting for the other to start the conversation. However, both remained silent. If someone is paying me to sit and be silent, than it is good, Mitch thought. We don't know what William was thinking about. The writer of this novel also did not know who William was, or what he was, and why he appeared in the story. Still, he was important. Not because he reminded me of a perfectly carved antic sculpture of the deity of beauty, but because I considered him a kind of symbol, something that had a meaning beyond my reach. In any case, in my mind, he was not a human being.

- You are right, I am a rule.

- Yes,…You look like a rule to me.

Mitch was good at saying such a sentence at the edge of irony or slight impudence, but never going beyond the boundaries of good manners. At the same, time he was innocently looking William in the eyes. Time was passing, which was in Mitch's favor; and what it meant for William, we don't know… After all, he was sitting completely calmly. After a while, he spoke out.

- You are here because… No, I should not explain it to you… It is complicated and I don't believe that in the end you will understand what it is about. It is much wiser to tell you right away what your duties are while you are at my service.

- I would certainly like to know that.

- Fine. You see these three cameras?

- Cameras?!

- Yes, they are tiny. One is I this corner, near the bed, the other is opposite to it, and the third one is in the corner opposite the door… There is one more in this opening in the wall. Your apartment is on the other side of the wall… You see this door? They are connecting my apartment with yours. You can come to me when I call you. Now, we shall go to your apartment.

William opened the door that separated the two apartments and called Mitch to join him. As they entered, Mitch noticed that a meal was already served at the table. There was also a bowl with fruit, a few bottles of good wine and a selection of spirits. On the wall next to William's room, there was a camera and microphone, under which was a computer and recording devices.

- You know how to use these.

- Yes I do.

- I knew that… Anyway, your task is to keep these machines working for twenty-four hours a day during this week.

- But they are already on.

- Yes, they have already recorded our conversation. In your room, nobody will record you. The only camera here is the one in the wall, and it records everything that is happening in my room. Your privacy is not compromised as long as you are in your room.

- My privacy has already been compromised because I have been in your room.

- I know and I will pay you extra for that… The money is on the little table with food. That is much more than you get paid for seven days, but your task here is also a delicate one… You are not even aware how much.

Mitch took the money and counted it. Placing it in the inner pocket of his jacket, he noted,

- For this amount, I am ready for a lot of delicacy.

- Alright. I knew how much was needed… Anyway, here you have four screens. Each is showing my room, from the entrance to the bed, from bed to the bathroom. You can see what is happening even in the bathroom. Remember, your task is to record it all, to keep the recording devices working without interruption, no matter what you see on the screens. To make you more confident in the reliability of the cameras, I will take this mirror off the wall. On my side of the wall, there is also a mirror. But from your side you can see through the mirror what is really going on in the room. Look.

Mitch came closer and, indeed, saw clearly the William's entire room. He was very skilled with computers, cameras and other devices. After all, that was his specialty. He sat at the desk so he could monitor all the equipment and still have the view on the opening in the wall. In this way, he could compare the clarity of the picture. He set up everything so to have a complete overview of the room.

- Now eat something and go to bed to get some rest, as you will have to be awake tonight. You should be rested for the work that is awaiting you. Don't worry, I will wake you up on time.

- So, the work starts tonight?

- The work has already started, but… Anyway, whatever you say.

With that, William turned and went to his room. Mitch remained seated on the chair for a while. He was gazing at the screens and then to the hole in the wall. Everything was fine, everything was functioning. Then he went to the table with food and attacked the meat. The more meat, the more pleasure, he thought. He had a rather silly idea that all the meat he would eat would turn into his muscles. Therefore, he had no pleasure in food other than that derived from the notion that it would help build his muscles.

When he was full, he went to the bathroom, took off his clothes and turned the shower on. He always took a cold shower. Even when it was cold, he enjoyed cold water. He thought that is strengthened his muscles, that it was tightening them like heavy exercises in the gym. A man has to have muscles, strong, visible, striking. Women are crazy about such guys. A man who is theorizing a lot is weak in bed. The rich ladies know that because their husbands are hair-splitters. But their wisdom is never sufficient to satisfy a needy female body. Therefore, they are forced to show their marriages in public, to present an image of a unified conservative family, and, at the same time, secretly indulge in the addition that keeps them alive.

After the shower, he decided to go to bed. He looked at the hole in the wall and saw clear blue light. He approached the hole, almost afraid. William's room did not exist anymore. There was water all around. It resembled a sea or an ocean. On the bottom, there was William standing, like a natural part of the environment. Fish, snakes and predators were circling around him. Yet, he seemed perfectly safe in the water. Mitch looked at the screens and realized that the devices were recording the bizarre scene. He was not having a vision; the ocean in the apartment was real. A big shark was passing by William. When she went away, William slowly moved his thumb towards his forehead. When he touched his forehead, the image of the sea disappeared and he was standing in the room, naked and dry.

Mitch thought that the previous moments were only his vision. Therefore, he typed an order in the computer to show what had been happening in William's room in the last five minutes. The cameras showed seabed, or the bottom of an ocean, whatever. William was the centre of that water, sea creatures were moving around him, careful not to touch him. He had never seen something like that before. He believed that it was a trickery or deception.

- What have you learned now?!

- What have I…?

- Learned! – William shouted.

Mitch run into William's room, and sat on the chair he had been sitting on before, perhaps to mark his territory in William's room. He remained silent for a while, as he tried to calm himself. Then the words poured out of him:

- I have seen a sea or an ocean. Anyway, salty water. I have seen a shark, fish, and sea snakes. I have seen you breathing in the water. Really, you can breathe in the water! I have seen it all, Houdini…All! I only don't know what the trick is.

- You think that it was a trick?

- And what else could it be?

- Eh, that is the question! But it is you who has to answer it.

Mitch was silent. He was trying to remain calm and he was successful in that. It seemed that William expected more excitement, more euphoria. However, Mitch was a master who could excite others while staying calm. They stared at each other for a long time. Mitch was able to keep that look that expressed no emotions. It seemed that William expected emotions; therefore, his look was more pleading than confident.

- So, your answer is silence.

- My answer? No! I am wondering where you have hidden the fucking aquarium.

- There is no aquarium, it was only me… Go ahead, search all around. Dig the walls if you want. However, it is only me… Only me… And that is not a trick… Now go and sleep well, I will need you to be awake tonight.

- To sleep after all this... OK, see you tonight.

Mitch went to his room and lay down on the bed. He was trying to clear his head from everything he had seen and recorded—all he had heard or said. Soon, he fell asleep. William looked a little disappointed. Not much, but still disappointed. He shrugged his shoulders and whispered, perhaps it is better that he is so calm. With some euphoric guy, I would certainly have problems. This way everything remains in the silence. Then he threw the silk cloak over his shoulders and lay down. He was not sleeping, but just watching the ceiling in silence. Finally, he closed his eyes and fell asleep… When he woke up, it was already evening. He knocked at Mitch's door and, not getting any response, went in and woke him up…

- This is only the first night, so don't get too excited. I need your calmness.

- Don't worry. I have seen enough. You can play tricks all you like.

- There are no tricks… You will soon realize. Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow or some other day, but you will realize. I only hope that you will be as calm then as you are now.

With that, William turned and went to his room. Nothing was happening for a long time. Mitch was sitting calmly on the chair, watching the screens and the room behind the hole. Mitch did not feel tired or bored. In his job, he got used to the fact that patience was a virtue that other praised… Finally, he heard a knock on William's door. William opened the door and an exceptionally pretty girl came in. I knew it! Mitch thought, I know that bitch. Good for her, at least she will fleece him. The girl was a well-known prostitute and she was often hanging around with Mitch. She called herself Joujou, although her real name was Veselinka. She had a story for her clients that her father was French and mother half-Serbian. In any case, she would introduce herself as "Joujou, the baroness of Marseille," although she was actually born in a nearby village.

Joujou wanted to say something, but William put a finger on her lips, looking at her excitedly. She understood that she was not supposed to say anything and immediately started to act passionately by taking off his cloak. He was undressing her skillfully, touching her with his hands and his body parts, searching for her sensitive spots. As he managed to find them, her nipples became red, her vagina wet, and her lips hungry for his body. She immediately wanted sex.

Mitch ran his hand through his hair, looking confused. He could not believe that someone could seduce Joujou, and now he was watching sex that she really enjoyed. The scene that he saw was slowly turning into shadows that we usually see during a daydream. Instead of the two of them, Mitch was now watching a huge vagina, as big as the room. It was wet, slippery, filled with rings of tentacles. The rings had different functions. Ones were sticking to the penis, offering it resistance, and the others were giving it the moisture, helping it to overcome that resistance. Vagina actually appeared to be a specific kind of intestine, as every part of the penis was touched by the tentacles. Anyway, the penis was plunging deeper and deeper, like a man drowning in the quicksand, but the vagina seemed to have no bottom. It had folds on the sides and, when the penis would hit them, Joujou seemed to feel pain. After the pain, pleasure followed again.

The rings around the penis were getting harder, which was stimulating William to thrust even harder, faster and more painfully into her. William was sweating profusely. He was completely drenched and he made Joujou wet as well. She was, again, having orgasms one after the other, which was something she had never experienced before. She surrendered to him instead of seducing him and stimulating him to cum as soon as possible. For the first time in her life, she was a woman, rather than a hooker. She liked her job, but she liked this more than her job.

William raised his thumb towards the ceiling and the room disappeared. Suddenly, the two of them were at the bottom of the ocean. Joujou was in such an ecstasy that she did not notice where she was, it did not matter for her. He offered his finger to a snakefish and it bit him. Feeling the surge of pain, he became even wilder. He put his forefinger into Joujou's mouth, and she started sucking his blood with the passion of a wild torrent. Then William offered her neck to the snakefish and the fish bit into it. There were two small blood spots left on her neck. Still, in the throes of passion, she did not seem to notice them; she felt no pain. He touched her neck with his lips, bit her and started sucking her blood. He was like an animal, a beast, a predator—sucking more and more blood from her body. Joujou was trembling from pleasure. He finally left her neck; now, her blood was flowing into the water and had attracted the shark that was swimming nearby. William left Joujou to the shark. Joujou was still trembling from pleasure while she was rapidly disappearing in the shark's jaw. Eventually, the shark swallowed her. William put a finger on his forehead, the water disappeared, and he was in his hotel room. He looked upwards and raised his arms, letting out a voice of an animal. A beast roar could be heard from afar.

Finally, he calmed down and looked at the mirror with satisfaction, knowing that Mitch was watching him. He put on his silk cloak, sat on the bed and with a smile of an innocent child, waiting for Mitch to come in. Time passed, and there was no sign of Mitch. He intentionally stayed away, trying to show that he was not much impressed with the tricks that William had made in conspiracy with Joujou. Besides that, he considered the performance too morbid, regardless of any artistic value it might have had. He really did not believe that the scenes he had witnessed a little while ago were real. He was certain that they were an illusion, a setup, a sham. Thus, he remained calm—sitting on the chair, with no expression, no thoughts, no emotions. If someone wanted to pay for his silence, let them be. And if someone wanted to hear his comment, then they should ask for it. Finally, William got nervous because of the silence and run into Mitch's room.

- You still think it has all been a trick!

- Is that a question? – Mitch responded in an even tone.

William had the look of a predator—a look of a cat that had just eaten a mouse. Little did he know that triumphant look of a murderer could never fascinate Mitch. Moreover, he despised such people, but he never showed them his contempt. He would let them appraise their actions alone, if they were capable of that at all.

- Yes, it is a question!

- A trick. Even if it was virtual reality, it would still be a mockery.

If William was almost astounded by Mitch's reaction, he was even more upset by Mitch's calmness and the resolute look in the eyes. He was obviously not able to see through this look of Mitch. But, he was not the first man that was not getting along with Mitch easily. Mitch was experienced in putting people in such position.

- You look as if you were…

- A policeman? – Mitch interjected.

- I didn't mean to say that exactly, at least not in those words; but it seems more appropriate than what I was about to say.

- So, you think that I am a policeman?

- I, huh, I actually don't know what to think… Everything has been seen and everything has been said. The eye sees one thing, and the word says another… Come to my room.

They went to William's room. Mitch noticed Joujou's clothes folded on a chair. There was also her purse, full of little female things and secrets. Only Joujou was missing. Mitch had an impression that she would show up any moment, coming out of the wardrobe or knocking at the door; he was certain that she would show up, no matter where from. Yet, she was not coming. William took a small needle and gave it to Mitch.

- You see my finger?

- I see it.

- Pinch it with the needle.

Mitch pinched him. When he took the needle out, some white, slimy substance started coming out of the finger, thick and almost alive.

- Take some of my blood. Suck it and swallow.

- You are wicked.

- Listen to me. Suck it!

Mitch put William's finger in his mouth and as soon as he sucked the first drop of 'blood', he felt his muscles tighten, and he felt as if he was the space of all spaces. Then he felt his left canine growing. When it was long enough, Mitch sank it into William's hand. With the passion of a beast, he was sucking William's blood. He did not even notice that William had also sunk teeth into his neck and was now sucking his blood. They were both in ecstasy, they were both beasts and the beast was their master. A few minutes later, William suddenly pushed Mitch away from him. They both looked up to the ceiling and raised their arms. They were roaring like animals.

Moaning, Mitch staggered to the chair and sat down. Only then, he realized that his pants were dump and full of sperm. He looked at William and saw that his tights were also soaked with sperm.

- Damn, that was good!

- Yes, it was. You see. Now you believe?

- I don't know, man, but this is good. Can we have some more?

- No, that could kill us… Eros and Thanatos are close friends. You can easily get carried away and your life would be gone. You have seen what happened to Joujou. That could happen to us as well.

- What's the point?

- We need Phobos. He is an excellent teacher, his punishment is severe, but he never kills without a serious need… From now on, the rule is—I am afraid of you, you are afraid of me. You understand?

- I understand. But we have to repeat this.

- We have to… We really have to… But not today… Certainly not today.

Mitch sighed deeply, looking at William as if he had seen him for the first time in his life. He felt thirst for William's blood, but also a little bit of fear, just a slight chill.

- You should be more afraid.

- Why?

- Because this can really take life… It is nice and lethal.

- I am strong.

- Ha! Nobody is strong, but everyone is dangerous… Go back to your room and sleep. You should be fresh tomorrow.

- To sleep? Now?

- Yes… Go to sleep.

Mitch got up from the chair and went to his room, and then lay on the bed. He emptied his mind of all thoughts. He was staring at the ceiling for a while, and then fell asleep.